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Posted on 09-09-2016

People more often than not, it seems to me, are in some sort of recovery.  Recovery from an injury, from divorce, from the loss of a loved one, a job and at times recovery from Alcohol and Drug Addition.
I see patients in physical, emotional and spiritual pain daily.  It is my experience that our society has a hard time dealing with pain, with being uncomfortable.  In a culture that dispenses a pill for just about any ailment, it is no surprise that we have a society addicted to numbing out pain and discomfort both physical and emotional.
According to the Centers for Disease Control  in 2014 Opiods   (including Opiod Pain Killers ) killed more than 28,000 people.  That is 77 people per day that died from overdose to pain killers.  The more time and experience I have in practice the more I begin to understand why people suffer and how this suffering manifests in their body.  Most people who arrive at my office do so in chronic pain. I do my best to help patients understand that although I want to help them feel better, the pain is a manifestation of something going on in their life. Together I hope to discover what is behind the suffering. 
Yes, Chiropractic is helpful to reduce lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica headaches etc.  However the most important benefit from chiropractic is the process and relationship you engage with your body, mind and practitioner.  As a chiropractor I'm not interested in cracking your back to eliminate pain.  I'm interested in removing interference to your spinal nerves in order to release your innate capacity to heal, regulate and adapt to your environment more efficiently.
I'm interested in understanding why you have physical, mental and emotional pain that effects your life in a way that is no longer acceptable to you.  People mask pain all the time. You can numb out with drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, social media, intense exercise, books, etc.  There is a multitude of ways to numb pain. As a recovered alcoholic for over 12 years I can tell you from personal experience unless one can understand the root cause of pain, suffering will persist.  My pain stemmed from a few basic areas: anger, resentment, fear and ego.  It wasn't until I addressed these feelings that I was able to stop numbing pain.
Eventually numbing mechanisms stop working.  The path of least resistance is to address the issues, make lifestyle modifications and do the hard work.  This is definitely going to be uncomfortable at times but worth the rewards.   Sometimes getting uncomfortable and sitting with the pain is a catalyst for the growth necessary to move on.
The focus of our practice is on relationships, people and long lasting health: physically, mentally and spiritually.  When it comes to pain,  although we don't specifically treat it, we have a lot of experience helping our practice members to shed it.  If you have manifested a life that is no longer working while causing pain and strife, come in lets work it out. 

Masking pain is not the answer. Numbing mechanisms only last so long and some, such as drugs and alcohol, have deadly consequences. Don't be another statistic.

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 Jeanmarie Boben
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