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Posted on 05-31-2018

The Benefits of Regular Massage

Some of my favorite patients are those that understand the benefits of regular massage in conjunction with the chiropractic adjustment.  They are happier, more relaxed, display higher levels of energy and a more positive attitude. The one two punch of the chiropractic adjustment in combination with deep tissue therapeutic massage works extremely well. I have been practicing with this model for the last 18 years.  It is clear that there is a structural component to most of the common ailments that patients bring into the office. It is also equally clear that there is a myofascial component to these ailments as well. Addressing both is necessary to get full resolution of the condition.

Here are a couple of the benefits we see patients at the Cafe of Life Chiropractic Center derive from their regular massage visits:

1. Reduced Anxiety -  Life is stressful. Although deep tissue massage may not be the most relaxing process while it is taking place, most patients feel a reduction in stress and more relaxed after their session.

2. Peak Performance in Sports -  Just as in Chiropractic, regular massage can help athletes maintain a competitive edge by keeping muscles flexible, nutrient rich and ready for exertion.

3. Less Headaches -  Daily stresses of life, especially Tech Neck Syndrome can cause tremendous neck and shoulder tension.  By in large patients with regular massage experience significant less muscle tension in the neck and shoulders decreasing associated headaches. There are many different types of headaches, however stress and tension is a component in almost of of them.

4. Insomnia -  Patients with regular massage report more consistent sleep patterns.  A significant culprit of insomnia is because patients can’t find a comfortable position and as a result they toss and turn all night.  Additionally, the reduction in anxiety and overall stress associated with regular massage helps with insomnia as well.

5. Faster Recovery From Injuries - When patients undergo regular massage they recover faster.  Muscles and Joints are in a better position to heal when their muscles have not been tight and overstretched over extended periods of time.

6. Prevention of Repetitive Stress Injuries -  This is a no brainer. Dissipate the stress caused by these activities and the body won’t move past it’s breaking point.

7. Digestive Disorders - Regular massage can have the physiological effect of less digestion disorders.  There is a whole discipline of massage relegated toward this specific benefit.

These are just  a few of the benefits of regular massage we see in our patients. There are many more not discussed here.  At the Cafe of Life we offer doctor directed massage. Which means if you were so inclined one of our doctors will consult with and evaluate you in order to direct your massage regimen for maximum efficiency. This will help you achieve your health goals faster and safer.  Contact our office to set up a no obligation consultation.

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 Cafe of Life Chiropractic Center were highly recommended to me by a few of my neighbors. I had some long time lower back and neck issues that were bothering me -- and it was just time to fix the problem. I signed up for a 2 month program -- and wow, the results are amazing. My neck is moving again, my lower back feels great, and other parts are that I didn’t know were stuck are moving again too! Cafe of Life is technology forward -- I love the scans of my back so that I can see the progress. They also have complimentary services like massage too. The team over at Cafe of Life is professional, fun and on top of their game. Scheduling is easy -- little to no waiting when I arrive for my adjustment. Love these guys!

 Jeanmarie Boben
Mill Valley, CA