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Posted on 05-07-2018

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

At the Café of Life Chiropractic Center, we love caring for pregnant women. Chiropractic treatment is a safe and conservative method to not only provide relief during pregnancy but also to ensure a smooth labor and delivery. Life is inherently stressful. We are constantly bombarded with physical, mental/emotional and chemical stresses. These stresses manifest physically in the body to misalign vertebra, a condition known as Subluxation. The added stresses of pregnancy can be dissipated with consistent chiropractic care naturally and effectively. We use the most trusted name in chiropractic pregnancy pillows Chiro Vantage to make our patients comfortable during the process. 

Here are 5 reasons to see a Chiropractor during pregnancy:

1. Chiropractic can reduce back pain during pregnancy. Getting adjusted regularly while pregnant is a great way to relieve the added stress on your spine that comes along with weight gain.

2. It can help to avoid Sciatica, the inflammation of the sciatic nerve that runs from your lower back down through your legs and to your feet. Common causes off Sciatica include misalignment of the lower vertebra known as Subluxation and tight Piriformis muscles known as Piriformis Syndrome. Chiropractic adjustments have been used to treat these triggers with great success.

3. Patients who have received consistent care during pregnancy have been correlated with
less incidents of painful back labor.

4. Chiropractic can prevent a potential C-section. The Webster Technique has been used
by thousands of pregnant women to turn their child in utero. It is a very safe and
effective treatment.

5. Chiropractic can help with morning sickness and nausea. Adjusting the spine can help to
increase communication of the Nervous System and as a result, the Nervous System
functions at a higher level balancing our hormones.

Chiropractic care for pregnant women is gentle, safe and effective. The International
Chiropractic Pediatric Association
(ICPA) is a great resource for more information on this
natural approach to help pregnant women ease the stress of pregnancy and ensure a smooth
healthy labor and delivery.

Additionally our website has more information on chiropractic for pregnant woman. Click Here

Liz said:

Thank you for the info. I have 2 sons, and wish I committed to chiropractic threatments during my pregnancies. Based upon this information it would have made being pregnant so much more enjoyable.

2018-05-13 09:14:16

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 Cafe of Life Chiropractic Center were highly recommended to me by a few of my neighbors. I had some long time lower back and neck issues that were bothering me -- and it was just time to fix the problem. I signed up for a 2 month program -- and wow, the results are amazing. My neck is moving again, my lower back feels great, and other parts are that I didn’t know were stuck are moving again too! Cafe of Life is technology forward -- I love the scans of my back so that I can see the progress. They also have complimentary services like massage too. The team over at Cafe of Life is professional, fun and on top of their game. Scheduling is easy -- little to no waiting when I arrive for my adjustment. Love these guys!

 Jeanmarie Boben
Mill Valley, CA